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<nettime> We are all nothing but fools!

Welcome to the world of propaganda! Welcome to the words of the infowar!

"As more pressure is put on a totalitarian regime from the outside
world.. the more active becomes totalitarian propaganda towards the
outside world." - Hannah Arendt

Propaganda is as necessary for terror, as terror is for totalitarianism.

The Serbian regime prepared its present information war in a way which
Western "communication guerrillas" couldn't even have dared to think
about. While the "communication guerrillas" are still dreaming about
hoaxing and performing, Milosevic's propaganda machinery has already
found its ways to manipulate the hoaxers. How long does it take before we
realise how the Serbian regime war machinery operates? How long does it
take before we realise that its war machinery has invaded us? How long
does it take before we realise that we have already become part of the
war beast? How long does it take before we realise how many of the emails
from Serbia are written

from staff of the "Serbian Ministry of Information" <>.
When you compare both the style and content of the writing, you will find
too many similarities to believe that all the "letters from Serbia" are
really written by private people (i.e. from independent minds - which in
a way would be even more shocking). 

Totalitarian propaganda only has its chance for infiltration where it
finds ideological willingness. Just feed the Left with some of their

ideologies and the Left will enthusiastically believe this propaganda.
Forgetting all its own 'critical media theories', the Left has
immediately repeated "information" supplied from Belgrade without looking
for any evidence of its reliability. 

On the other hand, Noam Chomsky's contribution to human despair looks
nice on the Serbian propaganda site
<>. Here you can also
read some really enthusiastic fan letters from some very charming
employees of the Ministry too! They must have been very happy to get such
good information about how to adjust their propaganda for the Left media
in the West. 

These are very sad days and we should cry rather than continue to pose in
cool arrogance. 

We are all nothing but fools! 


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