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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 06:37:30 -0800
From: insomnia <insomnia@EUnet.yu>
Subject: thursday, april 1

dear everybody,
the main novi sad bridge has been taken down completely. we are cut off
from belgrade. no water today. shortage of bread and milk. if you do not
hear from me anything more, this means i fled from the city, because
life becomes insupportable here.
everything hurts, everybody hurts. now i feel like an island - cut off,
cut off, cut off from everything.
peace with you all.

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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 12:54:15 -0800
From: insomnia <insomnia@EUnet.yu>
Subject: thursday, april 1/2

i feel devastated today, more than ever. right at the crack of dawn, the
oldest novi sad bridge was taken down by a nato rocket. a bus full of
workers was about to cross the bridge a second before it exploded. sheer
luck saved them from death. still, nobody knows how many people died in
the explosion. some surely did.
and that is not all - the faculty of philosophy, where i teach, is also
demolished. since the faculty is in the vicinity of the bridge, all the
glasses on its front side are crashed. and that is not all - the museum
of vojvodina, which treasures many priceless exibits dating from the
beginning of this millenium, has also been seriously damaged. and that
is not all - the primary school 'djordje natosevic' has also been badly
damaged. and, that is not all - people have been coming down to the
destroyed bridge as to a chapel of mourning. novi sad mourns today its
bridge that was indispensible part of every postcard showing it.
right by the bridge, on the other bank of the river, there is a
hospital. i cannot tell if it is ruined or not. i cannot bear to look at
these horrors anymore. a nightmare.
my very special someone is in belgrade - that is, the hypnos part of me.
now we are further than we ever are, separated by a river that cannot be
crossed anymore. separated by 'the door ajar that oceans are'. this was
emily dickinson, a poet from a nato country, remember? 
robin cooke in his today's address frowns at the internet and rejoices
over the petrol shortage in serbia. no comment

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Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 13:39:56 -0800
From: insomnia <insomnia@EUnet.yu>
Subject: Re: media access

hi, tilman,
don't get me wrong, please. these days, whenever i can, i watch cnn, sky
news and euro news, as well as everybody in yugoslavia who's got cable
tv does. however, all i see there are pictures of small groups of
albanian refugees taken months ago (on some of these snows, on some the
grass is green, so you cannot be quite sure about the season of the
year). as far as i've heard (forgive me if i am not informed as much as
you are, but i LIVE this war in  a shelter and bread lines, and you just
LOOK AT a partial media version of it from your couch, at least be fair
to admit that) some of the shots claiming to show albanian refugees are
actually shots of serb exodus from croatia taken in 1995, when 250,000
serbs were expelled from croatia.
i'd like to express my gratitude  to all people who sent words of
support and love to me and my country. as for those who disagree with my
point of view, i'd like to point out that i am telling my feelings and
fears which all people would share  in  a situation like this -
definitely not my political views.

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