insomnia on Wed, 31 Mar 1999 23:21:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> wednesday, march 31/2

8 pm my time (CET). during this afternoon only i could hear six  big
explosions in the vicinity of novi sad. we are never calm for long.
every detonation makes me hold my breath and wakes up the butterflies in
my stomach. 
the statistics sounds horrible: in a week time, fifteen factories in
novi sad were seriously damaged by bombs and missiles. in the town of
vacuum cleaners which i have already mentioned, in cacak, 5,000 people
are left without job, and 20,000 members of their families without bread
and any financial support.
the statistics sounds encouraging, as well: in this first week of nato
air strikes, only in my town, in novi sad, 107 babies were born!
serbian, hungarian, croat, ruthenian, slovak,  romanian and albanian
babies, catholic, ortodox and muslem ones. sad but true, their lives
start in equal living conditions, that is, in dark and damp shelters.
babies remind me of a yugoslav drum player, who told yesterday, at the
belgrade concert, how he deals with his two and a half year old son.
whenever emergency sirens annouce all alert, the drummer and his wife
start shouting joyfully, because they want to persuade the boy how
descending into shelter is a nice game eagerly awaited for. does this
not remind you of robert benigni in his film 'the life is beautiful'?
still, the drummer admited that the boy becomes suspicious, no matter
how naturally his parents act.

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