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<nettime> so much for the 'end of history'...

     [...if anyone doubted. and, by way of a local report,
      new york is overall completely klewless about what's
      going on: no major demonstrations beyond one mounted 
      by albanians and their sympathizers. the dow jones
     'made history' by closing over 10,000 and the paper
      of record interprets this as 'reflect[ing] the unpar-
      alleled strength of the economy and the dominance of 
      the world economic stage by American corporations.'
      so the american people keep on sleepwalking, dream-
      ing that their 'apolitical' attitudes and alienation
      from their governing bodies are--because they say so
      --apolitical. cheers, t]

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From: Anne Marie Merritt <amerritt@co.intel.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 08:03:36 -0800


This (and last night's film footage of angry mobs in Belgrade)
reminds me of something I'd heard years ago - That no two
countries with MacDonalds franchises had ever gone to war.
Watching last night's footage of MacDonalds restaurants in
Belgrade getting vandalized by an angry mob reminded me of
this.  Seeing as how the US has lots of MacDonalds franchises,
and Serbia evidently has one or two, I would think that this 
would put to rest their long standing record of setting up 
shop in places where the likelihood of political instability 
was minimal. (I'd be willing to bet that Rwanda doesn't have
a MacDonalds yet...)


Anne Marie

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