insomnia on Wed, 31 Mar 1999 18:29:54 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> wednesday, 31 march

fear no more of the heat of the sun, a famous line in shakespeare. the light
of the sun actually frightens us, since the clear sky means more nato strikes
in the daytime. nato broadens its list of military targets to, believe it or
not, vacuum cleaners! the vacuum cleaners factory in cacak has been under
series of constant attacks these days. the third phase of the strikes which
is to begin every moment is mostly focused upon destroying communication
centers all over yugoslavia. this means a complete communication breakdown,
so if you do not hear from me anymore, you will know that the word of serbia
is killed. i am not convinced that will help albanians come back to there
homes safely, but now i understand the depressed lyrics of portuguese band
'madredeus'. in one of their songs (and their album 'lisboa' is one of the
tracks i listen to while in shelter), the chorus says: "if i fall into the
sea, who will rescue me?" the words expressing utter resignation of a lonely
man. and, really, who will rescue serbia from air strikes, cluster bombs,
radiation, fire? who will rebuild our damaged medieval monasteries, museums,
schools, kindergartens? who is going to put us back into the flow of
civilization when we lose internet and mobile phones? maybe noone. everybody
seems to be concerned about handful of albanian refugees (do not get me
wrong, but i really haven't seen the humanitarian catastrophe of these people
on any tv channel at all!), noone about the vital and hearty serbian youth
carrying witty slogans and singing along at the squares all over the country.
the concert took place again today, more exuberant than ever. how can anyone
kill the people who do nothing but sing? 

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