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<nettime> hidden agendas and other blurbs


"hidden agendas" "KLA=CIA" and other blurb reminds fataly of such
conspiracy theories as they were circulating before WW I and between WW
I and II (e.g. protocols of the elders of zion). conspiracy theories are
a invention of the 19. century next to political antisemitism,
panmovements, nationalism (aso). needless to say: many serious
intellectuals those days embraced "conspiracy theories". conspiracy
theories fitted perfectly into anti-modernity. (remember one of the
results of anti-modernity? it's called the "3.reich"!)

and today?

didn't the intellectuals of today learned their lessons from history?
the conflict in yugoslavia/serbia/kosovo has a very different context
than western plots and "conspiracy".

it has something to with with our present concepts of modernity, of the
nation, of class, of race and religion. issues of the last century! but
issues from the last century are badly treated with arguments from the
last century. this is exactly what happens in the present argumentation
in nettime. scary stuff! didn't we learned enough about our bloody
history to understand (and avoid) it. conspiracy theories can't be
useful to analyze and overcome older & newest history (e.g. the cold
war), nor does it contribute anything useful to the present situation.

by the way: you don't must parachute into the balkan to have some
understanding about it! and you also must not believe a hoax to make
jokes with it!


liberté, égalité, fraternité!!

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