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Re: <nettime> contra Barbrook digest [blissett]


>Why is Barbrook in such a hurry all the time?

Why did so many people on the Left support appeasement without thinking
what they were really saying? Was it because it is so much fun being able
to shout all the old anti-American slogans from the Cold War once again? Or
was it because we in western Europe think that the Kosovans are not real
people so we don't have to care about what is happening to them?

>Why not think twice before describing those who adverse the NATO bombings
>as members of the Milosevic Fan Club?

What other interpretation is there? Milosevic certainly thinks you are. I
haven't seen or heard of one Kosovan representative who is opposed to the
bombings. Who are we in our safe comfortable homes to argue with the people
who are actually being subjected to a campaign of systematic extermination?

>Is Barbrook trying to acknowledge Wesley Clark as a good Marxist?

Of course not. What I was objecting to is all the postings on nettime which
claim that Milosevic is an anti-imperialist. Even liberal theorists believe
in the right of national self-determination. Why do you have such
difficulty with the concept?

>Didn't he mistook the KLA for the KLF?

Better than Tony Benn - revered leader of the English Left - who yesterday
described the Kosovan resistance as "a German-American plot against the
integrity of  Yugoslavia". In just one week, him and many others on the
Left have started at pacifism, gone through appeasement and now are
spouting fascist lies from Belgrade with enthusiasm. Yuk!

Victory to the KLA!!



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