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<nettime> re: Madness

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>    Anyway CNN's news about 500.000 refugees is total madness
>    because that would be almost half of ALL ethnic Albanians on
>    Kosovo and 1/3 of all people on Kosovo...

Try this one: "The BBC's reports that six to seven million Jews 
are being rounded up and put into trains heading for undisclosed 
locations is total madness, because this represents close to the 
grand total of Jews living in Europe."

You can say that again. "Total madness". Very well said. Only who is 
mad here?

As if he hadn't done it pretty damn well before in Croatia and 
Bosnia, he's certainly done it now: the good name of the 
Serbian people, with their humor, wit, creativity and hospitality 
which I remember well from living in Belgrade in the early 80's, 
won't recover for centuries now. But they will have reaffirmed, in 
the strongest possible way, their centuries-old sense of 
victimization, thus seeding the soil for yet more cycles of horror 
and revenge. Well done, Slobo! Well done, Serbia! The field of 
blackbirds awaits the millennial sacrifice which you have been 
stumbling towards, sleepwalkers in an irrevocable haze of 
historical delerium. 

Michael Benson  
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