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Re: <nettime> hidden agendas and Kosovo


Do we really have to be sent these paranoid rants by the apologists for
Serbian fascism?  Back in the Twenties, some people weren't clever enough
to realise that imposing mass repression on the population had nothing to
do with progressive politics. Surely, at the end of the twentieth century,
even the various nostalgists for the Cold War appearing on the nettime list
must realise that the extermination and expulsion of racial minorities
cannot be justified by regurgitating the old Stalinist jargon about
'defending socialism' against yankee imperialism.

Why do so many contributors treat the Kosovan resistance movement
differently from the ANC, the PLO or the PKK? I was under the impression
that the Left was supposed to be in favour of the right of national
self-determination upto and including secession from the colonising power.
Surely we should be sympathising with the brave men of the KLA who are
trying to defend their homes and families armed only with side-arms against
Serbian fascist militias using tanks and artillery? Or are the victims
being blamed for disturbing our consciences by daring to fight back against
apartheid and genocide?

One thing is definately true. The apologists for the Serbian [National]
Socialist Party have forgotten  Karl Marx's remark that: 'A nation which
oppresses another cannot itself be free'.

Victory to the KLA!



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