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Re: <nettime> political economy of Internet

If this is mean't to be a serious critique of my work than I really do not
have naything to say beyond the fact you clearly did not read the text
with a will to understand that what I am trying to do is to overcome the
dichotomies you so clearly seem to be accusing me of.Whether you me or
anybody else likes it the regulation in question is being installed and
this is not a matter of dispute or conspiracy theory. 

I do not understand why you could not read the piece as polemic and you
could not understand that the work is intended to do far more than to
re-voke a consipacy thoery but to alert to certain coorporate practices
that may not be defining the Internet but they are trying to!

Maybe that says more about your own investment than my own. Dialectics is
something I am fond of!

Anyway critisism well taken ,  which is what the piece hoped for in the
first place! 



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