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Re: <nettime> winner of webby award

At 2:17 PM -0000 3/22/99, wrote:
> is the winner of the 1999 Webby Awards in the Arts
>category. The "People's Voice" went to the site of the Dutch Design
>Institute, The site of the Webby Awards
>does not contain any additional information, interview, comment. Is this
>the final death of The moment of final victory? Or just another
>meaningless event, expressing the rise of the society of the net.spectacle?
>Please, critics, help us to interprete!

I've been thinking of printing up t-shirts with the slogan "Die
techo-yuppie scum" scrawled on the front but now I think "Die ugly
corporate sons-of-bitches", in Dutch, might be better. Or maybe a selection
to gain more rack space on St. Marks Place.

According to a Wired News report:

Winners were careful with their five-word allotment. The biggest laugh of
the night followed the speech of, winners in the Arts category,
who snarled "Ugly corporate sons-of-bitches!" at the crowd.


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