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<nettime> the future: Sea Dragon

 from the US Military's Virtual Reality Lab,
 a demonstration of VR technology being used
 which may shed light on the ways Commercial
 Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies become
 more militarized aesthetically as military
 specifications become the same as consumer-
 grade technological gear. see Maps 1,2,3 at:

 Sea Dragon Virtual Reality Lab

 general overview page:

 (see Maps 1,2,3 and earlier maps and VR representations)

 for origin-stories of multimedia/internet
 technologies and their C4i and C5, etc.

 vertical heirarchical configurations with
 e-intelligence and information gathering,
 see the master document at JYA's crypt:

 The Militarily Critical Technologies List

 The Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL),
 is a detailed and structured compendium of the
 technologies the Department of Defense (DoD)
 assesses as critical to maintaining superior
 United States military capabilities.


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