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<nettime> Urban Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment

 the US Marines are staging an "Urban Warrior" 
 training exercise in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

 a website for information about the exercise is at:

 United States Marine Corps Warfighting Lab

 {see Information Packet: UW Technologies.. to see
 multimedia wargear of the: Combat Decision Range. 
 see much new e-tech which could be used for good
 or ill, and the The centerpiece of the experimental
 C2 systems is the Integrated Marine Multi-Agent
 Command and Control System (IMMACCS) which seems
 to deal with much of the new 'automation' of war.
 [check out what they did with a palmtop with the
 Multi-lingual Interview System... and especially
 the G.O.S.S.I.P. palmtop, adopted from the Los
 Angeles Police Dept based on "Gangnet" software.
 check out the "suite" and the "Marine 2010" for
 an electronic warrior cyborg, esp. check out the
 combat boots with a Heel Compression e-Generator.

 which led me to investigate more, turning up a journal
 for the War College, and some very interesting articles
 about the military perspective of technology and war.

 PARAMETERS : US Army War College Quarterly

 The United States Army's Senior Professional Journal

 one article from 1997 discussing urban warfare has some
 interesting statements about war in post-cities and how
 it will be conducted, including the 'electronic tagging'
 of citizens as hostile or friendly via machines and the
 immediate execution of those who fail the friend-foe
 electronic detecting equipment.

 The Future of Armored Warfare


 From Parameters, Autumn 1997, pp. 50-59.

 RealVideo feeds can be seen from a local San Francisco news station: [reporting all week i think]

bc from alameda, calif.

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