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<nettime> Hackers seize control of military satellite



>From Tribune News Services March 1, 1999

LONDON, BRITAIN -- Computer hackers have seized control of one of Britain's
military communication satellites and issued blackmail threats, The Sunday
Business newspaper reported.

The paper, quoting security sources, said the intruders altered the course
of one of Britain's four satellites, which are used by defense planners and
military forces around the world.

The sources said the satellite's course was changed just over two weeks
ago. The hackers then issued a blackmail threat, demanding money to stop
interfering with the satellite.

"This is a nightmare scenario," said one intelligence source. Military
strategists said that if Britain were to come under nuclear attack, an
aggressor would first interfere with military communications systems.

"This is not just a case of computer nerds mucking about. This is very,
very serious, and the blackmail threat has made it even more serious," one
security source said.

Police said they would not comment because the investigation was at too
sensitive a stage. The Ministry of Defense made no comment.


Les faits sont faits.

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