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<nettime> From India:Internet "crime"

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Subject: [ISN] India Moves to Crack Down on Internet Crime

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India moves to crack down on Internet crime

NEW DELHI (February 25, 1999 10:16 a.m. EST -
Indian police said on Thursday they will take the lead in controlling
computer crimes and regulating Internet companies to check gambling and

The Central Bureau of Investigation will initiate measures to design new
high-tech legislation, they said at the end of a two-day seminar on
computer crimes. 

"The telecoms department should have selective restrictions on Internet
service providers," K.P.S. Gandhi, director of India's Forensic Research
Laboratory, told the concluding session of the seminar. 

CBI officials brainstormed with experts from the U.S.  Federal Bureau of
Investigation and officials from banks and law enforcement agencies at the

They told a news conference that the Information Technology Bill, which is
planned to be introduced in the current session of parliament, would
contain provisions to help check computer crime in addition to measures to
legalize electronic transactions. 

India has been slow to wake up to computerization, and large parts of the
government, the banking and insurance sectors and law enforcement
authorities still use paper files extensively. 

As a result, the police have little information on computer crimes, and
even less on how they could be combated. 

"Policemen need to learn not only to use firearms but also how to use a
computer," Chakravarty Rangarajan, governor of the state of Andhra Pradesh
and former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, said. 

He also called for a law to protect computer data and files, on the lines
of Britain's Data Protection Act. 

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