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<nettime> Democrats as Universal Talkmasters

  [orig to, by way of Geert Lovink <>]

Hy, Alex here from Chance 2000. We were founded by the cracy guy Christoph
Schlingensief and we rocked the German election year 1998. The whole
project came into existence after Schlingensief was arrested at the
documenta X in Kassel. A short time later he became a talkshow host and he
hosted the trash tv show of all times: Talk 2000. As the talk master 2000
he had the message: everybody can be a talk show host. Because he did
that, he became a media darling and got invited to many prominent tv
shows. So he could spread his weird ideas and found a party. The party was
called Chance 2000 and had the message: VOTE YOURSELF! Many followed the
call and became independent direct candidates in the elections (within the
network Chance 2000, not as partymembers, but as independent individuals).
Everybody can be talk master, everybody can be chancellor... Schlingensief
-as the bad kid of the young German theatre makers- said: the 4th wall has
to be torn down... just as the Great Old Bert Brecht had said (a celebrity
whose 100th birthday we celebrated in the same year). But it is a utopia.
If we break down the 4th wall -between the viewing public and the acting
actors- the theatrical structure is lost. No performance possible. That's
why it has to fail. It always fails. That's why we as Chance 2000 had the
slogan: "Failure as chance."  That is what I wanted to say to your
question: "Failure as Chance." alex
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