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<nettime> Grassroots News Network Conference Invitation

The Grassroots News Network is organizing the 2nd annual Grassroots News
and Media Conference & Culture Jam for October 8 - 12th 1999 in Austin,
Texas.  We're using the suggestions and experiences from last year's very
successful gathering to bring more speakers, informative discussions, and
exciting activities into the arena.  This year's attendence is promising to
outstrip 1998's by a wide margin, giving you the opportunity to network and
converse with media activists, artists, and organizations that cover the
spectrum of today's battle for democratic public discourse.  We're
building, we're growing, we've got great people -- don't miss out!

The Grassroots News Network is a coalition of 130 community-oriented media
groups from around the world, including:  licensed, non-licensed and pirate
radio stations, film and print media, Internet media activists, and over
100 non-affiliated contributing members. We are working collectively for
the creation and stability of non-corporate, non-profit media that
opperates to give control of public communication back to the  public
through promotion of democratic control and robust local involvement.

The Grassroots News Network was formed by grassroots broadcasters, free
radio journalists and cyber-activists as a response to barriers put forth
by government and corporate entities against free speech.  Our goal is to
support and expand the movement for democratic communications worldwide
without regard to impediments imposed by any government or corporate body.
We exist to offer an alternative to the corporate and government media
which do not serve struggles for liberty, justice and peace, nor enable the
free expression of creativity. 

The Grassroots News and Media Conference & Culture Jam is for the people
involved in community oriented media to meet face to face, share
information, and train people in community broadcasting and digital
commumication. We still vie to strengthen a collective, public response to
the  FCC's raids on micro-broadcast stations, the homogenization of all media
outlets (including the situation at Pacifica!), and the corresponding
limits set upon both public discourse and expression.  Most importantly, we
work toward forming an organic, grassroots structure to aid one another in
struggle, but also to lay the framework for truly diverse, world-wide media.

Registration is $20 and $5 hardship. The GNN will offer housing and food.
Please RSVP no later than Sept 1st 1999. 

Name ___________________________
State____ Zip________
Phone #______________

How many days will you be attending?_____

Would you like to conduct a workshop? _____

Would you like to give a presentation? _____

Grassroots News Network
Pueblos Unidos 
2211 Hidalgo St
Austin, Texas

Grassroots News Network
Grassroots Film & Video Festival
Grassroots Media Links Page
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