Pit Schultz on Mon, 15 Feb 1999 22:41:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> quick links to online streaming media

here are some quick links

just read the rather interesting article of raol on streaming media
and thought some links to practical projects wouldn't hurt here, 
these are from audio stream projects based in london.  /p

a site programmed by the people of ellipsis, it contains realaudio
material from a music festival curated by john peel

streaming from a home-studio, streaming from the clubs, 10.000 clicks
a day and no ads (except from their technical sponsors)

recorded dj sets with some big names, split into categories

deconstructed interface, try and find the streams

last wednesday they had a big session with a new zine called 
datacide and livesets at the ninjatunes studios upstairs. you can
now become a contributor to the freshly installed ORANG (open
radio archive network group) via their node.  

check out the helpfiles and practical info how to start
an FM pirate-station. plus a scheduler!

switching over to vienna:

mego's extraordinary elecronica online record shop

farmer's manual

and paris:

budapest, adeleide et al next time...

on of my favorites at the moment, berlin based, 
check out the LUXOR Operating system

if you are searching for an alternative to products of
real media inc. have a look at http://www.shoutcast.com
and download the mp3player/micro-streamer at 
http://www.winamp.com [for Windows; see http://www.macamp.com for Macs] 
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