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<nettime> Panasonic monadology: from Buenos Aires

Triple R and Jacqueline Klein , 2 Cologne based journalists and DJs have edited
acoustic documents from the Capitol of Argentina. The selection does question
the idea of musical dialects in the technosphere. The artists have been choosen
because of their connectability to  other local music scenes like the one from
Cologne. "None of the artists, age aorund 20, is internationally known although
most of them have produced music since the mid 90ies. They are part of the
electronica there, centered around multi-acitivist Pablo Shanton".  

Every artists from BA appears to be a monad, a unique mirror of the universal
trend of electronic music. If you start to look and to listen into this mirrors
you have to be careful. Fist one tries to use patterns like melancholy and
Tango when one starts to categorizes the offerend musical signchains. But this
is not simply possible. It is more ones one prejudgement that tries to find out
special argentinian features in the acoustic images. More interesting than
discovering local qualities is the attention to single connections of the
single artists to groups like Pansaonic or artists of the Mike-Ink-Line. There
are influences and the CD is a chance to spread them back to the stream that
originated the influences.

Artits: Various. Title: Elektronisches Musik aus Buenos Aires. Label: Traum.
CAT: Traum CD!. Distribution (Germany) Kompakt.


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