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Antimedia manifesto (II)

The idea of antimedia was born when the artificial light of the media-fetish
had become clearer than day.

The realisation of the antimedia-state takes place when we learn that on
the information superhighway one can only advance against the flow of
traffic and the impact with the information debris is only possible by

Antimedia's field of interest embraces all the mediatizing techniques and
practices so far invented, from tele-watching (telescope) to tele-killing
(telematically controlled war), as well as the social phenomena resulting
from all types of monopolization and colonization of human experience. 

Antimedia is therefore the diagnosis of the media-fever that inflames our
actions, as well as the questioning of the media-paradigm that penetrates
our thoughts. 

Antimedia understands (after Foucault) that an age can only have one
episteme, which can be maintained only through terror. Therefore it
aggrees with those who call the TV or the Net a forum, for the media-forum
has its tyrants just as the Forum in Rome did. 

Antimedia is, in fact a special phase of the neurosis resulting from the
mediatized experience -- a phase in which it is the lack of direct reality
that lends the mind body and dimensions. 

Some consider antimedia to be but a speck of dust on the stage of the
media- circus, or a pleasant chromatic scale within the background music
of the media-melodrama, but many consider it an advertising trick of the
media- business, for they discovered (cf. R Hamilton) that ICON and COIN
are misspelled variations of the same word. 

Antimedia is not media-specific, consequently it does not define itself
through or against one or another medium. Therefore it is completely
outside the dispute between the inframedia efforts (intermedia) and the
ultramedia expansion (multimedia). 

Antimedia -- just like the medium -- is in itself the message. 

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