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<nettime> Censored flags in Sarajevo

First report from Sarajevo: Censored flags

Arriving to Sarajevo last night stepped immediately into something which
could be described as state censorship of art. Namely, within the
SCCA-Sarajevo annual exibition, "Beyond the Mirror," a young Sarajevo
artist, Seric Nebojsa Soba, exposed his work "Under all those flags."  His
art piece consists of 120 transparent flags placed on light poles along
the river in the city center. Within hours of the official opening, during
the night, city authorities removed all flags in spite of the previously
authorized permission of the municipal government. No one could imagine
that something like this could happen so people thought the flags were
removed for reinstallation or technical reasons. However, the flags did
not appear on the exbition site the next morning nor have not been seen
since.  Clearly, someone was annoyed by this installation and ordered the
municipality to remove the art work. Exhibition organizers demanded an
explanation and the reinstatement of the flags but to date they have
received no official or unofficial response. 

A journalist has suggested that the international jury of the exhibition
should award the first prize to the still annoymous municipal official
for creating the most appropriate work on the theme of the exhibition,
"beyond the mirror."

Sarajevo, 27 August 1998

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