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<nettime> z8578i575

>From: (JODI)
>Subject: /////mo;re

hallo - kan relate 2 <>


v2 haz juzt taken part !n d!zrupt!ng 
1 =cw4t7abs !nternet konnekt!on

v!a dze lo.tekk soc!al eng!neer!ng maneuverz
ov Andreas Broeckmann <>

hensz =cw4t7abs\0f0003 != !ntrztd !n kollaborat!ng w!th 
v2 or an! odr pozer \ neo fasc!zt \ maf!a organ!zat!on
|| konglomerate ov sensor++ humanz.

=cw4t7abs\0f0003 doez not reku!re dze abov.z 
korporate support &| akzeptansz

=cw4t7abs\0f0003 w!ll kont!nue 2 oppoze 
v2.z fasc!zt rout!n + z!m!lr lo.tekk 
krapmattr agenda || fasch!on zpektakl - az 1 prefrz.

>take/get in contact with Peter Duimelinks<a-noisiv> from V2_Rotterdam
>he is seriously interested in hearing 'your/more Noise;Cd /Frags/Perfs etc,,


>to ?e-ventually invite you to  DEAF98 Festival in November/Rotterdam

s0ls0l. =cw4t7abs doez !travl 
=cw4t7abs != perzuadd w!th DEAF offrz
=cw4t7abs aware 0f0003 mattr = zuper!or
2 dze eztabl!shd korporate pozer rout!n

what happenz when prekonsept!on meetz ver!f!kat!on

v2 - 1 > fasc!zt \+\ pozer++ .krap || .org 
bzzp \+\ auz


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