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Re: <nettime> revolution and terror

cp wrote..
>doubts it is through ISEA begging the question.  A quote from the essay on
>the ISEA site: "Since when has one ever become a revolutionary by request?"
>May I please be a revolutionary?

a loose transcript from an interview for virtual revolutions done at at
polar circuit on the road to ISEA

for VR - daniella sneppova & sera fernaux:
what does revolution mean to you ?
i live in a country where it is warm  - under the lazy australian sun... i
live as an artist below the official poverty level, but its not difficult..
there are enuff resources for everyone at present and even the poorest have
welfare systems to house and shelter them,  it doesnt mean that the
corporate,farming and government interests arent ripping the environment
apart so that in maybe 10 years time this wont be the case. there is no
revolution.. but there is a slow awakening -awareness that something  has
to change.

VR: what does revolution mean to you personally?
M: on a personal level my whole world, the basis of my being, has radically
shifted 3 times, so that i have been a refugee in my own life, starting
from nothing again in terms of finances, shelter, community, career. i
fight my revolutions internally.

VR: what else would you like to add?
M: what revolution really evokes in me is rpm..revolutions per minute..
when i was a kid in the 60s and 70s i had a blue plastic portable record
player, and i would play and replay, with my little girlfriend up the road,
Archies and Monkeeys 45 rpm singles, trying to translate exactly what they
were singing so i could perform the hit tunes with accuracy.
[the repetition of words, chanting mantras, and mouthing slogans, by ones
who don't know what they mean, is what now evokes terror]

daniella & sera:


 melinda  jørgensen
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