valery grancher on Fri, 21 Aug 1998 10:38:25 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Net Art Market

Hi Everybody,

    Do you want to be a new kind of art collectors ?
It is now possible
    Do you want to collect the most important net artist ?
It is now possible
    Everything is evolving, art came on the net, net is becoming an
aesthetics space.
The art market is now coming on the net.
Come to see the first private contemporary net art gallery  with its
first exhibition.
You can also buy the pieces shown
- Artists:
Vuk Cosik, Alexe=EF Shulgin, Heath Bunting, JODI, Olia Lialina
- Exhibition title :
"Littles miniatures of hero=EFc period"
- URL:

    If I'm sending this message not to make some publicity. I just want
to show that every domain in art world is evolving: Curating, Art
criticism, exhibition and also art market.
    Two years ago I inititated a virtual exhibition with net art on net,
the project is called "Xanadu":
with these artists:
Annie Abrahams, Heath Bunting, Micz Flor/Florian Clausz, Dumb Type,
Mario Hergueta, Ideal Copy, J=E9r=F4me Joy, Takuji Kogo, The Medienkunst,
Antoine Moreau, Malcolm Payne, Erwin Redl, Jos=E9phine Starrs/Leon
Cmielewski, Piotr Szyhalski, VNS Matrix, Eva Wolgemuth.
    I saw on this forum various texts about curating net art and net art
criticism. I don't have to say so many things but just show that
everything is possible and is evolving by giving new opportunities in
each domain. Art world has its own adaptation faculty and we have just
to interact with various elements in various context and everything is
going well.
    I often heard from various artists that net art is marginal and they
can not interact with galleries or any institutions ...
I sold in April a net art piece to the Cartier Fundation for
contemporary art for their collection. They made a virtual gallery and
they are still showing this piece called "Self": then click on "virtual gallery" and then
on "self"
    This deal was passed through a specific agreement I wrote: I didn't
sold a piece in itself but an agreement about immaterials element,
concept and spirit of an art piece called "Self".

    I'm showing all these examples to show that if we want to find a way
to construct a net art market, and a net art aesthetics space, we have
to use the net specifications also about its own economic and juridic
level. We have to be like a miror in front of this context by using the
same schema that the major companies are using:
Market is founded about potentials (NasDaq) immaterials,  flux and time.

    This is the new input we have to use to construct new output. We can
not use classical art schema in this context like museum space, art
fair, art galleries based on materials deals (they are selling object
not agreement !)
    Otherwise we can see that economy and legalism is evolving since a
long time with immaterials concepts, potentials and flux, and net art
has the same charateristics. I'm speaking about situations, we have to
interact with a new kind of situations with new situations. The new
revolution is not to define a new territory with new border and to
define an alterity called enemy we have to fight aginst. The new
revolution is to make a fusion with our enemy to be him and to disturb
him, just like a virus.
Acting like a virus is a way to survive in net context managed by the
biggest major companies....

Be a virus and disturb ...


Valery Grancher

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