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[size, minit, noise]. [the microscopic physics of sound].
i want to write to you about possible futures. about sound which treads the
interface between being and becoming: the edge of chaos. particles of sound
which skid in and out of existence as quanta in a photon chamber.....
 organic: ephemeral: evanescent.................:
:.......careful: might miss them.

sounds that spin across the moment and vanish into past. sounds that break
temporal symmetry. music which issues as a gasp, a rupture, a stuttering.
a small fluctuation in the track which plays across the consciousness and
emerges as an acoustic pattern. 

	[the disquieting strangeness of it all]

you can hear them only if you bring your face up to the speaker and open
your mind wide. if you take leave of yourself. the singularities of sound:
signals emerging from the flux and flus of technology. a microscopic
physics of sound. fucking with

       :the meter of consumerised crap. remixing, rewriting, deconstructing
this unfolding now.:
               :...........i want to write to you about. incomprehensible

reiterations to excess which obliterate the significance of the content
and induce a hynotic abandon to the grain of the sound. communication
between particles. quanta of sound which reverberate, ramify, intensify
across the acoustic landscape. 

            sifting through information like superfine flour and watching
something emerge. 	:
	:which moves you............

[hesitant sounds which issue from a child's lips as she
					struggles to form her first word.]

:quanta of sound that exist as entities, lifted from alternative worlds
and superimposed on the space of. 4 minutes. bits and bytes. and i want to
write to you about technology.  about a relationship with technology which
is neither liberatory nor Luddite, but pragmatic and

		[a microscopic physics of sound]:

these artists measure the communication among molecules: the appearance of
acoustic patterns which behave in a coherent, rythmical fashion. signals
from noise.

:sniglsa morf oines..: sound particles that issue from the speaker, as if
for the first time, stuttering, gasping: haunted by the ephemeral nature
of technology. sound which acts as a beam-splitter: intersecting the path
of mainstream music and spinning it into wild whorls and eddies, producing
an interference pattern across the docile culture of consumerised tunes.
oh, the disquieting strangeness of it all. tiny bits. of noise hitting the
eardrum and demanding recognition. 

[possible worlds]
:.......................................can you hear them colliding?
signals from the flux and flus of technology....................:

[am i repeating myself?]

		so many possible permutations. so little

time. fucking with the arrow of time. carving samples up into smaller and
smaller worlds and shaking them like snow globes then. writing to the
dancefloor, to the loungeroom, to the bastard offspring of the baby
boomers.  these sounds are unfaithful to their origins. 

can you hear them colliding? surface surfeit. here now now

transient: ephemeral: evanescent.

Belinda Barnet,
for Minit, Size, Experimental Noise.
ph@neth@net.on..eist.o  <>  @


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