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<nettime> Open Source Movement

Hi, is there any nettimer going to this event or knows someone who does?
It would be great to read a little report here, how it went.... 

anyone complained: "nothing (new) happens under the sun.."? here's a *real
movement* and it started in California (so let's be a bit sceptical ;=B4))

http://www.fsf.org  [with Richard Stallman's GNU manifesto...]
http://www.slashdot.org [with a great interface]
http://www.opensource.org/ [with the best business plan]
http://www.mozilla.org/ [and the results?]
http://www.gnu.org [the real ones]
http://www.opencontent.org [adaption from the content front]
http://www.debian.org/ [a free reliable linux]
http://www.freebsd.org/ [a free bsd unix]
http://opensource.oreilly.com/ [those who make money writing the manuals]
http://www.softpanorama.org/ [adaption by the educational community]
http://acm.cs.umn.edu/~jaymz/sigfs/  [and the busines community]
http://home.maine.rr.com/sickthing/osi/ [and another one]
http://msanews.mynet.net/booklet.html [a good basic text by some islamists=]
http://www.oss.net/READER/ [a whole conference around the topic in terms 
of info-war]
http://www.zdnet.com:80/anchordesk/story/story_2408.html [the press smells
something hot]
and many more...

so you'll see no copyright by the Oreilly Books, or Netscape, yet...
a little absurd is that Eric Raymond, the evangelist of this
movement,  branded  'open source (TM)'... lately
anyway,  can we agree that 'open source' is an interesting topic?
let's observe this and continue to post related stuff.

[free beer and pizza was announced elsewhere]

            Open Source Town Meeting
             Friday, August 21, 5-6:30 p.m. at the Fairmont Hotel
             in San Jose, California

             Attend the
             Open Source
             Developer Day!

                         Join us for the Open Source Town Meeting--the first
                         public gathering of open source community. It's the
                         grand finale of Open Source Developer Day, and
                         we'll supply the beer and pizza. Bring yourthirst for
                         knowledge and suds to the Fairmont Hotel in San
                         Jose, CA on Friday, August 21 from 5:00-6:30 pm
                         (doors open at 4:30). If you're a software develo=per,
                         IS manager, or entrepreneur who wants to find out
                         about the latest innovations and burning issues i=n open
                         source development and business models, you've go=t
                         to be there.

                         Tim O'Reilly will kick off the Town Meeting by ho=sting
                         a panel discussion on the topic "Open Source is
                         Open for Business." Joining Tim will be a panel o=f
                         open source heavy hitters, including:

                             Larry Wall, O'Reilly & Associates and creator
                             of Perl
                             James Barry, HTTP and WebSphere product
                             manager, IBM
                             Jim Hamerly, Vice President, Client Products
                             Division, Netscape Communications Corp.
                             David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo
                             Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU
                             Bob Young, President, Red Hat Software
                             Brian Behlendorf, C2Net Software and
                             co-founder, Apache Group
                             John Ousterhout, CEO, Scriptics Corp. and
                             creator of the popular Tcl scripting language
                             Jordan Hubbard, a founder of the FreeBSD
                             Pamela Samuelson, Professor at the
                             University of California at Berkeley with a j=oint
                             appointment in the School of Information
                             Management and Systems and the School of
                             Law; co-director of the Berkeley Center for
                             Law and Technology
                             Eric Raymond, independent developer; open
                             source evangelist; author of the influential =paper,
                             "The Cathedral and the Bazaar."

                         There will be ample time for audience comment and
                         questions following the panel discussion.


                         O'Reilly's partners in the event will have informational
                         displays on their open source-related efforts. Pa=rtners

                         ActiveScripting Organization, AbiSource, Inc.,
                         Apache Group, C2Net Software, Inc., Crynwr,
                         Cygnus Solutions, Linux International, Linux
                         Journal, Netscape, Penguin Computing, Red Hat
                         Software, Inc., Samba, Scriptics Corporation,
                         Sendmail, Inc., SGI, Silicon Valley Linux Users
                         Group, Software in the Public Interest, Songline
                         Studios, SuSE, USENIX, VA Research, Whistle


                         Admission is just $10. We're donating all proceed=s
                         from the Open Source Town Meeting to the Free
                         Software Foundation.

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