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At 15:18 10/08/98 -0400, t byfield wrote:

>Think: smaller, faster, lighter).

dedicated to the power of that parenthesis:

for pleine peau, there is nothing else than reality. theories are worseless.

fiction reigns supreme. fiction teaches more. fiction transforms reality
and exposes new ways of thinking, of living. fiction is truth.

everything can be viewed as fiction. mille plateaux is a riot of fiction:
as theory it fails totally, like all theories it sucks and drags over too
many wasted words. smash and rearrange the words of theorists and make them
gain sense, that is fiction.

suggested crash course: read the first 5 chapters of "mille plateaux",
think of it as a double "comperes" comedy act, have a good laugh and put it
aside. it works for me.

a while ago a post was sent to the list, with what seemed to be an
anguished plea for theory. it was a list of the 100 most searched terms.
this list was a mix of sex words, novelty items, computer related stuff,
and then within each of those topics, a mix of the others: novelty
software, sex novelty, hardware fashion,... et un raton laveur.

in each email there is a hard nodule. it is the one that is, ultimately,
not answered by the recipient. this could well be applied to a whole

A post was sent to 800 or so people. It was called "no subject".

here is an old fictional take on this particular unaccountable reality:
it was intended as a bait for search robots. but it is a story.

fiction happens with reality. before theory.
theory is a measure of fear and insecurity. kids stuff.

do you know what is the most visited file on Pleine Peau ?
it is page 2 of a piece called "there is piss in the stairway". in this
part (the whole is about waste and love) is described a childhood memory of
paris. public toilets in the streets. half baguettes soaking in the ground,
getting fatter and rosier with each visitor. the people who laid them there
and take them home in the evening were called the "soupeurs". most people
who hit on that page continue reading the rest of our stuff. some of them
don't bother. it becomes part of their, and i mean all of them, "narrative
sequence". it fits into what they were doing before and it affects where
they are going next. therefore it is not static. therefore what is before
and after the pleine peau visit is transformed into something that would
not exist without pleine peau.

fiction might be "static" in itself but it's weightless. it can be moved
around and played with so easily. fiction is serious about changing life.


"Chroniques" Jean-patrick Manchette
"In water melon sugar" Richard Brautigan
"Ask: the chatter of Pop" Paul Morley
"La philosopie dans le boudoir" Marquis de Sade
"Alte Meister ~ Kom=F6die" Thomas Bernhard
"Bouvard et Pecuchet" Gustave Flaubert
"Cool memories" Jean Baudrillard
"Pornografia" Witold Gombrowicz
"Gerald's party" Rovert Coover

and thanks to Josephine Berry, w/o whom...
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