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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 12:54:05 -0700
From: Roberta Gelt <>
Subject: research assistant job openings
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GBN is looking to hire one or two more research assistants, and what better
way to find talented, intelligent young people than to tap into our
remarkable network, so we're asking for your referrals if you think you
know someone that might fit the job. This position would begin in August
1998 and require a two year committment. I've posted the job description
below but as GBN continues to grow, develop and change, I'm sure this
position will as well. It does, however, offer opportunities to learn from
working with the scenario planning consultants, do research and writing and
be exposed to much information and the GBN network.
If you know of anyone interested in the position please have them send
their resume and cover letter to Lynn Carruthers, PO Box 8395, Emeryville
CA 94662 or email to Please ask them NOT to PHONE.
Thanks so much for getting the word out!

Job Description:

*       Provides research and basic editorial support to GBN consulting
projects, publications, and conferences

*       Writing support: primarily involves notetaking in project
workshops, report writing, and formatting

*       Research support: retrieves, analyzes, and synthesizes information
and presents it in appropriate forms

*       Works closely with consultants, clients, and the research team

*       Frequent travel (domestic and international)

Job Requirements:

*       Excellent written and oral communication skills: notetaking,
typing, writing. Skills in basic editing, proofreading, interviewing and
oral presentations desirable

*       Strong interpersonal skills: ability to work in teams and to
collaborate with clients, members, experts, and senior consultants;
flexibility to adapt to different working styles; ruthless curiosity,
hunger for learning, initiative, and sense of humor

*       Strong secondary research skills: familiarity with Internet-based
information resources, periodical literature and books, commercial
databases (Dow Jones, Dialog, Lexis-Nexis); ability to synthesize and
present information

*       Good organizational skills, including the ability to handle several
projects at once

*       Computer skills: (required) Microsoft Word, Excel, Netscape,
communications software experience; (preferred) Persuasion, Filemaker,

*       Other requirements: college degree; some previous research
experience; multidisciplinary interests; multilingual ability a plus

Roberta Gelt (
Network Member Coordinator
Global Business Network
PO Box 8395
Emeryville CA 94662
510-547-6822; fax 510-547-8510
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