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<nettime> Bit Rot program!

The BitRot program

Why BitRot?
Did you ever watch yourself sitting in front of your Computer wondering
what was gonna happen when you turned it on? Wondering whether it was still
gonna work as nicely once you ended the state of promised information and
actually started the damn machine?
Ever since the Data returned from the Voyager mission started decaying, we
knew that the future was not gonna be as glorious as promised no more. It
was not gonna be possible to just download our brains and live in
Cyberspace all happily ever after. NASA´s method to refreeze the data onto
acidfree paper printouts won´t change our feeling that the wonder years are
over and we are facing the reality of Bit Rot. Or as the Germans call it:

The Half-Bit
Time´s Up is dedicating all its research capabilities and efforts in order
to change this horrible prospect.We see one solution only to stop data from
decaying: -The MicroBit program
Time´s Up researchers around the globe are working on the recognition of
information before it is complete. Once we solve the problem of how to
recombine two halfbits into one complete piece of information we feel that
it is time for us to move on and explore the world of deinformation even
further. We see an emergence of the quarterbit hard drive and the tenth bit
swappable interface.

The Program
In a first step we will start a program to at least freeze the BitRot
before it starts evaporating current Data.We call out to everyone afraid
of losing valuable information to turn it over to Time´s Up, where we will
turn it into information that it could have been. In order to further
investigate the MicroBit solution and to preserve your data we will give
you your option of deciding what it was that your data really wanted to be,
or you can let the highly qualified technicians and research scientists at
Time's Up determine the essential nature of your data's potential using the
latest in bitrot recovery algorithms. Given that data is returning as we
speak to some kind of Freudian primal ooze-state, we attempt to apply
techniques of regression to discover other possible parallel existences of
your data.Developments are underway, but to incorporate all possible
methodologies of bitrot reappropriation, we need your data and we need it
now. Bit rot is not waiting for you, we shouldn't be either. Call now.

j<a<m & tb

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        \    /  TIME´S UP
         \  /   Industriezeile 33 B
          \/    A-4020 Linz
          /\    ph:+43/732-787804
         /xx\   fax: +43/732-795742
        /xxxx\  http://www.timesup.org
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