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<nettime> moderator's notes

On Mon 06/08/98 at 04:08 PM -0100 nettime' 
quoted Patrice Riemens as saying a great many things about HackIt 98.
Unfortunately, due to asynchronous nervous communications, it failed
to digest the material as thoroughly as it should have--small things,
for example, proofreading it, editing out uniquely hippy-related ref-
erences, etc. This may have had the unfortunate effect of making him
seem somewhat illiterate or sloppy. The fact of the matter is he was
writing under technically difficult conditions, and rather than chew
up limited bandwidth and terminal time, he Got It Out (which is more
than the rest of you can say, eh? Heh). Anyway, if the material left
you with this impression please take a moment to dispose of it in an
appropriate receptacle. 

Since I'm making a moderatorial-type remark, I should add a few more:

This is a very interesting time, I think: a lull, maybe as we watch
things, slow, settle, repeat themselves with minor variations, no one
knows what's going on, Where It's All Going, how a less fetishized
net will permeate lives in different places--a very different energy
than 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 years ago. A good time for meditations, for 
looking back at badic questions, for introducing new ones. Sometimes
it seems as though this list is a place for very finished works, but
I think there's a lot of unfinished work. Think about it, maybe dredge
up some notes, half-written essays, nagging questions, these kinds of
things. Think about it.

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