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<nettime> Internal Datadamage [st.aging 1]

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Opt.i.ON: Compare and Assess Internal Datadamage 
Opti[cal].ON: Explicit 

[DE]Func[fix]tion Is Loaded(By Internal Damage Form
As Narrative String) As Abs.ORB.ed by Read.her 

' Returns Tr.U.e if the specifi[X]ed Internal Dam[n]age Form
accepted as Read.her Damage Coll[ate]usion view. 

ConstFIXtion.all damageStateClosed = 0 

Constat[ic]Fixt.i.onal damageDesignOpen = 0 

If DisbeliefSEEpageCmd(acSepCmdGetdamageState,
acForm, strNarrative) <> condamageStateClosed

If Forms(strFormNarrative).CurrentView <>
condamage.FIX.tionalDesign Then 

IsLo[W]aded = True 

End If In.tern.all Damagecon[CEPT] 

End If In.turn.all Dam[N]agecon[cept] denied on
subconscious term[INAL]s 
End In[X]ternal Damage Report[de]Funct.I.ON 

a-weighT stage too.............  
|||||S[h]i++ing in a b()xed in room - [L.E.D cobwebbing dr.@p[e].ing over
her left shou|der] - she r[h]ides out the sp|it.  The c()n.troll.her isn't
paying at.10.ion and she doesn't want 2 dis-turb it, of her
a|[k] whoa-mani-fest t-end.enci to get it on it'z stabstat.x side.
Her webb.hinge itch.z, a fan.tom-tom limb[o] wai.ting!

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