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<nettime> Have any other readers had similar experiences?


	how are you? I am compiling a list of delirius states and felt sure
that you would find it of interest.

1. Childhood delusions.

When very young I recall a frightening experience that occurred every
time I slept in my parents bed in the main bedroom. While lying awake I
was convinced that malevolent forces were coming out of the walls and
tormenting me with threats and menaces. I seem to remember that they
were partly visible. On one occasion I had a nightmare and awoke in a
panic, feeling that I was about to die of suffocation. The demons were
particularly annoyed about something that night.

A friend informed me that as a child when she was lying in bed at night
she felt that her bedroom was full of cubes pressing in around her. But
not only on the outside, the cubes were also inside her body pressing
outward, inside her mouth, etc. She was somehow caught between them and
in danger of being squashed out of existence.

2. Feverish Delirium

Last time I had flu I was very feverish and awoke one night covered in
sweat. I wanted to roll over onto my back onto a cool patch in the bed,
but was convinced that I had three backs. I was unable to roll over
because I had no way of deciding which of my three backs I could roll
over onto. After about half an hour this feeling lifted.

3. Media Disorientation

In an episode in the last series of Babylon5 the Garibaldi character is
seen watching television in his quarters. We cut to see that the
programme is a Bugs Bunny cartoon. This cartoon is a typical in joke
where Bugs is tormenting Daffy Duck by manipulating the animation that
he is in, e.g. he is drawing holes for Daffy to fall down, pushing him
off the edge of the cel. By this time we have been watching the cartoon
for about 10-20 seconds. Suddenly we cut back to Garibaldi's cabin on
Babylon5 where he is saying something like "I just love those cartoons".
At the point of this cut the switch back from the cartoon to the sci-fi
series was completely disorientating and for a moment it was not
possible for me to decide where I was. Then my normal sense of
perception stabilised, a little like awakening from a dream.

Have any other readers had similar experiences?

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