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1...Tina LaPorta..........Panel on Women in New Media
2...Bram Dov Abramson.....Virtual Conference
3...Michael Gibbs.........WHY NOT SNEEZE 3.0
4...mikro|||konvex berlin '98
5...b c...................query for feedback
6...Andrej Tisma..........Planetary Computer Photo Competition
7...Jaka eleznikar........>> BELA 0.1 :: for Papers
9...Richard Barbrook......Cyber.Salon 6 <20/5/98>
10..Richard Barbrook......HRC SINFILTRO - 19th May '98


Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 22:57:38 -0500
From: (Tina LaPorta)
Subject: Announcement: Panel on Women in New Media

A panel on < Women in New Media >
at the Annual Women in the Arts Conference sponsored by Rutgers University

Date: May 18 1998
Time: 1:00- 2:30pm

Tina LaPorta, Media Artist

Panelists Include:
Kathy Brew, Director: Thundergulch
Rachel Greene, Editor: Rhizome Communications
Robin Masi, Founder: Feminist Art History Listserv
Theresa Senft, Performance Artist: Sexuality & Cyberspace WebSite
Sara Tucker, Director of Digital Media: Dia Center For the Arts

A panel addressing theoretical, practical and political aspects of media
arts production on the Net. The participants will examine a variety of net
specific art works and on-line communications projects. This symposium
addresses the attribution of women in "new media" and will discuss various
approaches in representing and constructing identity in the electronic
space of the InterNet.

In visual presentations and theoretically driven papers, the speakers will
analyze their strategies in the cultural production and articulation of
self-representation and the way they are made meaningful depite their
absence within mass media production and distribution channels. These and
other effects of the globalizing politics of mass communication on women
will be discussed in the context of cultural research and individual media

For Registration Information and Conference Location contact:
The Institute For Research on Women
at Rutgers University
tel: 908 932 9072

Panelist Biographies:

Kathy Brew, Director: Thundergulch
< >

Kathy Brew has been working in the fields of contemporary art and media
since 1975 as a producer, curator, and writer.  She recently worked for two
seasons as Senior Associate Producer for City Arts, WNET's weekly Emmy
award-winning series on the arts, and has continued an association as an
independent producer.  She is the first Director of Thundergulch, Lower
Manhattan Cultural Council's new arts and technology initiative located in
the New York Information Technology Center.

She worked as an arts administartor and curator/producer at several Bay
Area non-profit arts organizations, including the San Francisco Art
Institute, Capp Street Project (an artist-in-residency/site-specific
installation exhibition space), Life on the Water (a performing arts
space), the Mill Valley Film Festival, and KQED-TV (the San Francisco
public television station).  She has written on media and contemporary art
for catalogs and other pulications, such as World Art, High Performance,
Shift, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Talkback! (a web magazine).  For
two years, she was an interviewer for KPFA Radio (non-commercial/Pacifica)
on a program entitled Bay Area Arts, where she conducted live on-air
interviews with media and performance artists.

She has also worked over the years with several individual artists and
producers on a range of media projects, including artists Carolee
Schneemann, Lynn Hershman, Victoria Vesna, and Emiko Omori.  Her own
independent videotape, Mixed Messages, received numerous awards at film and
video festivals and was broadcast on public television and cable.  She has
several other video projects in various stages of development.

Rachel Greene, Editor: Rhizome Communications
< >

Rachel Greene is the Editor of RHIZOME, an online publication about new
media art. She was a Juror for the 1997 Casas Das Rosas Web Art
Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curating experience includes "My
Favorite Web Sites are Art," for a national Canadian Art Festival, and
an online show (title forthcoming) with Heath Bunting. She has spoken
about new media art at institutions including Parsons, New York
University, The Slade (UK), and The Royal College of Art (UK).

Rachel studied English and Intellectual History at the University of
Pennsylvania and received a BA with Honors, Cum Laude, in 1994. She
received an MA in English from the University of Sussex
( in January 1996, where she studied
Consumerism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Renaissance Literature, and
wrote her dissertation on Narcissism.

Robin Masi, Founder: Feminist Art History Listserv
< >

Robin Masi is an artist and a writer. She is the Executive Director of The
Varo Registry of Women Artists, sponsor of the Feminist Art History (FAH)
and Women Artists (WAL) listserves and virtual gallery for contemporary
international women artists.  She is currently working on _Contemporary
Women Artists: A Biographical Dictionary_, a book/web project for The Oryx
Press, due out in 1999, and developing a film, entitled Searching for
Judith, based on the life of Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi and a
fictionalized contemporary artist. She is currently a Visiting Faculty
member at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the University
of Massachusetts, Lowell. Masi has exhibited her abstract-figurative
drawings and paintings throughout the U.S. for the last 15 years.

Theresa Senft, Performance Artist: Sexuality & Cyberspace WebSite
< >
< >

Teresa Senft is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of
Performance Studies at New York University. She will be finishing her
dissertation in 1999 on the subject of FEMINETIQUETTE: Feminism,
Performance and the Internet. Ms. Senft is particularly interested in two
uses of the word "performance":as part of the term "high performance"
(parallel) computing, and as part of the term "performative gender" (a la
Judith Butler.)

Teresa has written a weekly column called "Baud Behavior" for Prodigy
Internet and co-edited a Special Issue of Women & Performance devoted to
the theme "Sexuality & Cyberspace: Performing the Digital Body " with Echo
Founder, Stacy Horn. She is also the host of two conferences on Echo's BBS
Lambda (Queer Issues) and House of Thought (Philosophy for Beginners.) Her
writings have appeared in The Village Voice, Stim and Barnes and Noble

Sara Tucker, Director of Digital Media: Dia Center For the Arts
< >

Sara Tucker is Director of Digital Media at Dia Center for the Arts, where
she has produced the artists' projects for the web since the series began in
1994. Tucker graduated from the University of Iowa in 1990 with degrees in
German and Communications.

Moderator Biography:

Tina LaPorta, Media Artist
< >
< >

Tina LaPorta has recently been an Artist-in-Resident at Ars Electronica's
FutureLab (Linz, Austria) where she has produced a Web specific video
installation titled TRACES. Tina's work is also included on several World
Wide Web Sites including the ALT-X exhibition, "Being in Cyberspace,"  the
United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, and the
Women and Performance On-Line Journal "Sexuality in Cyberspace."

Last year, Ms. LaPorta produced CyberFemme TV, an experimental television
series on Manhattan Cable Television in which she shot on location around
various public spaces in New York City, in order to explore it's
media-enhanced landscape and the impact it has on subjectivity. Tina has
also been an Artist-in-Resident at the Experimental Television Center
(Owego, New York) where she completed her video Camera Work.


Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 09:23:14 -0500
From: Bram Dov Abramson <>
Subject: 2nd announcement: Virtual Conference

[Cette annonce est egalement disponible en francais.]
[Este mensaje existe tambien en espanol.]

			Virtual Conference:
 The Right to Communicate and the Communication of Rights
        	      11 May - 26 June 1998

This is the second of two announcements for the Virtual Conference on the
Right to Communicate and the Communication of Rights, starting Monday, 11
May.  Registration for working group discussions has now started.

Videazimut is an international alliance bringing together independent video
and television organizations and practitioners from Africa, Asia, Europe,
Latin America and North America around an agenda for the democratization of
communication -- an essential component of sustainable development and
democratic society. 1998 marks the 50th anniversary of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights.  In its declaration of principles, Videazimut
aligns itself with a growing consensus on the right to communicate as a
fundamental human right.

We are therefore holding a Virtual Conference from 11 May to June 26 1998,
aimed at generating and disseminating fresh thinking on communication and
human rights.  Held in conjunction with the International Development
Research Centre (Canada) and the Canadian International Development Agency,
this Virtual Conference is our contribution to the community of events
marking the UDHR's 50th anniversary.  You are invited to take part in the
Virtual Conference, which is being hosted by PanAsia Networking...


.. and which can be accessed directly here:


Participants are asked to join one of five working groups over a 5-week
period.  In each working group, 1-3 short papers will be circulated each
Tuesday morning, forming the basis for the following week's discussion.
Discussion will take place over e-mail -- filtered through moderators to
avoid information overload -- supplemented by a WWW resource with
conference papers and archives of the discussion.

Participants will receive *no more than* two e-mail digests daily.  A
weekly summary will be posted each Monday afternoon, for those who have not
been able to keep up, before passing to the next topic.

The working groups:
(1) legal perspectives
(2) institutional perspectives
(3) gender perspectives
(4) cultures of globalization: perspectives
(5) civic education and public memory: perspectives.

A plenary session will take place during the final week.

The Virtual Conference's official languages are English, Spanish, French.
All participants may submit their comments in any of these languages, with
the help of a volunteer translation team. The Virtual Conference is
co-presented by COMMposite, the French-language student journal of
communication, with the collaboration of meep! media, a Montreal-based
internet and intranet consultancy.  For more information please e-mail Bram
Dov Abramson, conference director, at <>.
Bram Dov Abramson
Laboratoire de recherches sur les politiques de communication
Universite de Montreal
C.P. 6128, Succ. Centreville, Montreal (Que) H3C 3J7 Canada
e-mail <> | fax +1.514.343-2298

*Virtual Conference on the Right to Communicate*:
1. Hosted by IDRC/PanAsia Networking:
2. Direct access:


Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 19:52:55 +0000
From: (Michael Gibbs)
Subject: WHY NOT SNEEZE 3.0
X-Pop-Info: 00001011 00000038


Why not Sneeze? version 3.0, May 1998.

new features:

"THE LINGUISTIC TURN" - an exhibition of web-specific art.
  Artists: Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead
               Lisa Hutton
               La Societe Anonyme
               Charles Rood
               Michael Gibbs

THE LINGUISTIC TURN is a group exhibition that acknowledges the textual and
(im)material dimension of Internet communication, while at the same time
taking advantage of the advanced graphical, spatial and temporal features
that are possible within the Web environment.

(coming soon!) DEBRA'S SOAPBOX

old features:

- reviews of Net.Art and CD-Roms.
- art projects by Michael Gibbs, Henriette Dingemans, Cordula Frowein, Dirk
Lansink and Mouchette.
- meta-critiques.
- critical guide to art on the WWW.

point your browser to:

Michael Gibbs, editor, Why not Sneeze?
Version 3.0 online from May 9, 1998


Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 14:19:46 +0200
From: "mikro|||convex tv." <>
Subject: **net.radiodays berlin '98**


berlin-based organisation mikro and berlin radio collective convex tv.
hereby announce the net.radiodays berlin '98. the radiodays will take place
june 6th to june 10th in berlin.

with this message we're also aiming to start a discussion on the Xchange
list (, which should prepare for the meeting
thematically and structurally.

we suggest to understand the following text as a call for participation as
well as a starting point for the discussion on past, present and future of
the idea of, that has already been started on the list in the
last months. if you want to participate in berlin or telematically, please
contact us. as our budget is extremely low unfortunately, we have to state
here that travelling expenses cannot be provided in general. what we can do
in any case is to send you an official invitation to help fund-raising.
#follows: announcement:

as everybody knows, there is no such thing as, but a great
variety of ideas and experiments around *sound* on the internet. as all of
you have your own unique experiences with "", we don't want to
provide a 24 hour schedule in a centralist planning style. instead we would
like to ask all of you to participate in creating the contents of the
meeting. to make it a little bit easier we have tried to define a matrix
for topics, that could be discussed and/or be subjects of direct action and

1) the economy of ranges from the realms of hobbyism, pirate
radio and the likes to well institutionalized practices in the boundaries
of political and art-institutions. how can be organized?
different individuals and groups have developed different ideas and methods
of organization and funding. exchange might bring some insights about media
activism under a variety of conditions.

2) the different politics of are strongly dependent on the
motivations of its creators. there are radio pirates, commercial digital
broadcasters, real audio archivars and sound afficionados out there, all
trying to find out what could be now and in the future. there is
a wide range from performance to new forms of digital dj-culture to various
hybrid forms that mix sound-archives, live-streams, text and image, which
brings us to:

3) is - as already pointed out - an extraordinary bad term for
the strange hybrid technologies and aesthetics that form sound on the net.
on the one hand live-streams seem to bring a certain radio-quality into the
net, on the other hand there are multitudes of real-audio- and
midi-archives (to name only a few) that resemble databases rather than good
old radio. last but not least there have been experiments within the
Xchange community, that brought about a new form of performing collectively
and live, trying to expand the boundaries of the medium. the following
discussions showed that this newly created open space is not yet defined
and asks for more questions than it solves. nevertheless those forms have
their roots in aesthetic and technical experiences with archaic
technologies before those golden days of maybe the right time to
open our history databases...

this collection of topics can be expanded in any direction or be compressed
into a dense discussion-as-you-like.

we would be happy to receive propositions for live-streaming events,
sound-experiments etc.

if some of you would like to initiate a discussion with a a text/statement
- push the send-button now!
we also plan to collect statements, texts and links on our
that also will be the public platform for live-streams.

currently we are also trying to get access to 'real' radio-space to expand into the airwaves.
in general berlin don't want to be a strictly organized
symposium, but an open space for meeting and discussion. are
organized by the berlin based organisation of "mikro" in cooperation with
the local convex tv. collective and will take place at several locations in
there will be three afternoons with discussions and lectures and several
the actual program will be provided within next week.

"trimm dich" - the motto of the gathering - has been borrowed from a west
german 1970s campaign for public health and means: get fit!

we are looking forward to hearing from you!

mikro e.v.
Ackerstrasse 1
D-10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 282 18 67
convex tv.
[test bed], schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin
phone++49 30 28384103/++49 30 2925936
fax  ++49 30 44053039
           'there's a bandwidth playing on the radio'


Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 20:58:12 -0800
From: b c <>
Subject: * query for feedback *


  i write to request your public and private feedback
  regarding a temporary website presenting my independent
  study project, a multimedia prototype entitled Mapping
  the Electrical Assemblage, which will be reviewed by
  school faculty and presented at graduation next month.

  the demo page
  overviews the basic ideas upon which the prototype is based,
  including an outline of the architecture of electricity
  thesis which seeks to provide a logical scaffolding for
  building rational and multidisciplinary analyzes of the
  technological built environment based upon electricity.

  this site breaks down into the following specific areas..
  attempts to establish an aesthetic continuum between
  the Eiffel Tower of 20th century Paris and Sutro Tower
  of the San Francisco Bay Area into the 21st century.
  a chess set which juxtaposes the new electrical order
  with the traditional order of this game, metaphorically
  and literally detailing the everyday power structure.
  a story which resembles a cosmology of electricity,
  created in response to feedback regarding the need
  for 'a story with a beginning and ending' to accompany
  the prototype of Mapping the Electrical Assemblage... is the
  prototype project which seeks to rationalize the order
  of electricity and electrical technology in the world
  through applying an archaeological-architectural method
  which creates a scaffolding for future information with
  a system of navigation between 'contextual' hyperlinks.

  [currently the prototype only works with Netscape 3.01+]

  i am very interested in your multidisciplinary feedback,
  which will be included within my graduation presentation.

  thank you...

  brian carroll

  independent architectural explorer


Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 01:28:52 +0200
From: ANDREJ TISMA <aart@EUnet.yu>
Organization: Happiness
Subject: Planetary Computer Photo Competition

The Planetary Computer Photo Competition is open.
See details at::


Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 23:45:18 +0100
From: "Jaka eleznikar" <>
Subject: >> BELA 0.1 ::

.JAKA ZELEZNIKAR.................................

  aRt ____       __        ____   ___
     / __ )___  / /___ _  / __ \ <  /
    / __  / _ \/ / __ `/ / / / / / /
   / /_/ /  __/ / /_/ / / /_/ / / /
  /_____/\___/_/\__,_/  \____(_)_/

  BELA 0.1 page

  Arial CE, 12 (font, size)
  Netscape communicator

  language: international Slovene
  /there are 3 parts that are based on natural human
   language, but mostly you don't need to know
   the slovenian language: 10 parts/

  BELA (Slovene)  =  WHITE (English)

  ..JAKA ZELEZNIKAR.................................

  ..BELA 0.1........................................


Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 00:19:41 +0200
Subject: Call for Papers

CTL98 Theory and Practice

Many of you will have received the call for proposals posted on this and
other lists late in 1997 under the rubric "Closing the Loop 98". In this
notice we called for pseudo- and popular- scientists, artists, engineers
and other interested parties to take part in a series of experiments in the
Time's Up Laboratories in the Linz Harbour through 1998.

As a result of the response, and based upon our own developing work on
various aspects of the CTL methodology and approach, we would like to start
a discussion on a more theoretical level with pseudoscientists and other
interested entities.

Are you a pseudoscientist?

"We hereby reclaim the notion of pseudoscience from the dangerous
misanthropes, misguided fools and assorted miscreants that have been
labeled with it. We claim pseudoscience as a source of life and flavour, a
way of approaching work in the world that loses the life-threatening
deadness of creation science or elixir-toting quacks, even that
professional cynicism of that bugbear of rationality writ large, the
institutional scientist. We are pseudoscientists, and we are here to make
waves. None of this accretion of results in a Baconian evolution with
outbreaks of paradigm shifting as per the Kuhn model. No, pseudoscience is
for those who never lost the glint in the eye from those kiddie scientist
stories, who really believed they could change the world from the back
garage, and who aren't yet sure that they can't."

(excerpt from "The Theory of Hypercompetition", in preparation)

As a part of the CTL 98 series, we would like to invite various interested
parties to a meeting of minds in the Labs of Time's Up, late in June 1998.
Prior to this, we would like to frame the discussion with some to-and-fro,
some scene-setting chats.

For further details check in at <>

Please email all inquiries or question to us at: <>

       -------- ----------------------
        \    /  TIME'S UP
         \  /   Industriezeile 33 B
          \/    A-4020 Linz
          /\    ph:+43/732-787804
         /xx\   fax: +43/732-795742
       -------- ----------------------


Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 00:37:00 +0200
X-Sender: (Unverified)
Mime-Version: 1.0
X-Priority: 1 (Highest)
From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: Cyber.Salon 6 <20/5/98>

Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'Beyond the Californian Ideology'

Peter Lunenfeld (Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles)
Korinna Patelis (Goldsmiths College, London)

Armin Medosch (Telepolis)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 20th May

(basement of Cyberia)
39 Whitfield St

entrance free

be there early!


Cyber.Salon 6: Beyond the Californian Ideology

In the month which WIRED magazine was sold off, Cyber.Salon 6 discusses
whether this event symbolises the end of the Californian Ideology: the
'bizarre fusion of...the freewheeling spirit of the hippies and the
entrepreneurial zeal of the yuppies.' Peter Lunenfeld from the ITA in Los
Angeles will talk about alternative currents emerging on the West Coast
which are combining new media, art and "doing science." Korinna Patelis from
Goldsmith's College in London will talk about how Europeans are developing
their own public service approach to digital convergence. Their
presentations will be followed by a chaired discussion. What do you think
lies beyond the Californian Ideology?

Peter Lunenfeld

Director of the Institute for Technology & Aesthetics (ITA), Lunenfeld
offers a subjective view of Southern California's new media scene - raising
questions about the aesthetics of Demo or Die and the relationship between
local geography, human networks and schools of thought. Editor of The
Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media (MIT Press, forthcoming), he
recently organized Scripted Spaces: An ITA Conference on Entertainment
Design, Narrative Architecture, and Virtual Environments.

Korinna Patelis

Korinna is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Media and
Communications, Goldsmiths College. Her book on 'The Political Economy of
the Internet' will be soon published by Arnold. She is also actively
involved with the Association of Greek Internet Users.

'The Californian Ideology'

The original article by Richard Barbrook & Andy Cameron, critical responses
and various translations: <>


Coming Soon: <> the Cyber.Salon website and on-line
conference space


Dr. Richard Barbrook
Hypermedia Research Centre
School of Communications, Design & Media
University of Westminster
Watford Road
Northwick Park

+44 (0)171-911-5000 x 4590

"...the History of the World is nothing but the development
of the Idea of Freedom." - Georg Hegel


Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 00:37:55 +0200
X-Sender: (Unverified)
Mime-Version: 1.0
From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: HRC SINFILTRO - 19th May '98


Students from the MA in Hypermedia Studies invite you to a presention of
their work and a celebration of their achievements.


Tuesday 19th May

7pm onwards

Freedom Cafe
60-66 Wardour Street

Dr. Richard Barbrook
Hypermedia Research Centre
School of Communications, Design & Media
University of Westminster
Watford Road
Northwick Park

+44 (0)171-911-5000 x 4590

"...the History of the World is nothing but the development
of the Idea of Freedom." - Georg Hegel
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