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[Original to "Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark)"; I held this up
 because x-postings from 7-11 / Amex / Rhizome / etc. were becoming
 a problem a la the "I AM 3733T!! GIVE ME WAREZ D00DZ!" thread that
 ranged across usenet like buffalos ranged across the prairies. --T]

On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:

> I am forever amazed when I see a posting on the list that promotes an
> art event with high-end science and technology but no mention of the
> very culture that has worked diligently in spreading memes that have
> radically changed our thinking...

Artists as Technological Lab Rats:

... run as fast as the most remarkable artists of the twentieth century
could, the image was constantly outstripping them. They were hindered in
this race by their own gradual withdrawal into specialization on an
artistic plane, separate from society. This act of self-categorization
also brought them into the range of a new breed of art historians. As the
artists ran desperately to catch up with technology, they were being
pecked all over by flocks of curators, art critics, dealers and
technocratic art historians, all of whom were multiplying with such
rapidity that they have now become a prevalent species.

> <snip>
> I attend many science conferences and I make appearances in televised
> documentaries on the future of science, and I have yet to see an artist
> spear-heading this list of invited guests!  If we do not acknowledge
> ourselves, how can anyone else?  Art is not just a product or a medium,
> it is a way of thinking - a way of being.  If we simply produce products
> with all sorts of gadgets and little mention of our culture - how can we
> be taken seriously. 

These specialists tend now to be pariahs of art, trained and graded by the
specific criteria essential to contemporary education... and frightened by
the potential power of the image... their relationship to creativity is
rarely one of love or obsession; they are salaried to it. 

...  with no room left for progress, the image turned and dodged and
circled back and buried itself like an animal chained to its own
impossible promise, searching for some way to get beyond the mortality of
the real... 

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