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<nettime> Source Code Release Breakfast Party on april 2

Thursday, april 2, 8.30-10.30 am
Cafe Restaurant De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam (NL)

Netscape Source Code Release Breakfast Party

Open Source Now!

On april 1, Netscape will be releasing the source code of its
Netscape Navigator. This can be considered a revolutionairy
marketing move by Netscape to outdo Microsoft in the so-
called =91browser war=92. But it is also a triumph for the many
computer programmers who have been writing software for
the public domain. Currently, the public domain operating system
Linux is on the rise. For example, Linux was used for the=20
rendering of the animations in the film =91Titanic=92. Also, the
public domain webserver software Apache is being used for
more websites then all other webserver software together.

What is the importance of all this? It means that from april 1
everyone will be able to build his or her own browser on top of
the =91engine=92 of Netscape. You can use the Netscape source code
but you also adjust it and make something entirely different out
of it. By this, we are not anymore obliged to look through the
glasses of the dominant software companies. Frame your mind:
design your own vision on the Net.

In the evening of april 1 there will be a party in San Francisco:

Simultaneously, the Society for Old and New Media, Hippies from
Hell and the Digital City will organize the =91Source Code Release=20
Breakfast Party=92 in the cafe-restaurant of the Waag castle at the
Nieuwmarkt square in Amsterdam (due to time difference)
Both events will be connected via video conferencing systems.
You can follow it through webcams and streaming media. Possibly
other events will also be held elsewhere, so please join us and let
us know so that we can connect.

The Open Source Breakfast is part of a series of events,
organized throughout the year by the Society for Old and New Media
under the title =91Public Domain 2.0=92. A next event will be the First
International Browser Day in Paradiso (Amsterdam) on april 17 and
a connected national debate on public domain and Internet policies
in Holland after the next, upcoming elections in May.=20

If you want to join the breakfast, please let us know:
telephone: 020-5579898
fax: 020-5579880
The breakfast will cost hfl. 10,- a person

The Open Source Breakfast is a collaboration between the Society for
Old and New Media, Hippies from Hell and the Digital City.

Society for Old and New Media:
Hippies from Hell:
The Digital City:

Freed Software Winning Support, Making Waves

Developers on Free Netscape Code: Follow Through

Linux Helps Bring Titanic to Life

Apache runs 47 percent of all webservers

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