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<nettime> The Blissett crackdown updated

The Blissett crackdown updated:

For those Nettime subscribers who can read Italian, the complete text of
Lucia Musti's certificate of action at law [atto di citazione] is available

Sorry, we're horribly busy mobilising people and journalists, so I can't
provide you with an abstract in English - I'll try to do it within the
week. It was urgent to make this document public, so I put it slightly out
of context, on a 'no frills' website dedicated to the historification of
the Luther Blissett Project (no pictures).
The Atto di Citazione contains a violent assault on the notion of
anti-copyright (which is compared to a 'license to kill' 'cause it allows
the irresponsible distribution of slanderous material), as well as an
attack on the Net itself, electronic freedom of speech etc.
I must rectify a mistake I made in the previous message: Musti doesn't want
300 million lire; the entire  figure is 450.

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