t byfield on Wed, 18 Mar 1998 12:26:50 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> a modest proposal

The Zentral Kommittee has, in its infinite wisdom and in commemoration
of the umpteenth anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar, be-
stowed the task of moderating Nettime-l on the Interim Keystone Kommit-
tee, that is to say, myself and someone very special, who shall reveal
his true identity as soon as his household gods (_lares_ in Latin) let
him. In keeping with Mr. Fuller's most excellent innovation--demanding
better, more diverse content--I will make the following requests: list-
subscribers should please submit 

        cross-posted rants from other lists
        sloppy formatting and encoding
        masculinity by default
        pissing matches

        obsolescent genres (epic, pastorals, sonnets, doggerel, etc.)
        material about open source development and developments
        practical ideas for integrating "new" and "old" media 
        bibliographies, orderly compilations, useful pointers


PS By the yet unknown person who will reveal...etc:

Mr Byfield & myself will disclose shortly the exact terms of reference 
under which we intend to exercise our discretionnary rights under which 
we will undertake the moderation of nettime for the time being. I wish 
only to let it be known here and now and for the guidance of the general 
following of this esteemed list that no cross-postings and postings under 
cc to other lists shall be accepted unless such is motivated by the most 
exceptionnal of circumstances.

Members kindly note and oblige,

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