Dmytri Kleiner on Tue, 17 Mar 1998 01:01:56 +0100 (MET)

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==> I d i o s y n t a c t i x WWW <==

Oh all-seeing net.deities, have the compassion and mercy to visit some
of these sites created by the humble Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts &
Sciences Alliance. If you feel particularly generous in your divine
wisdom, we would appreciate a link, and will reciprocate if asked.

Idiosyntactix is a Toronto based collective of artists and technical
experts in the fields of computer technologies, event staging,
co-ordination and audio production which has been operating for nearly
two years. 

Principle activities include unsanctioned micro-power radio
broadcasting, exhibitions, performances and receptions,
creating text based, audio, graphical and Internet works, integrating
new and traditional mediums and exploring issues of autonomy. --> 	 Independent and Experimental Music
				 Online and home page for Toronto's
				 most irreverent mailing list for
				 independent cultural instigators
				 and the one-hour RealAudio program:
				 The IDIO-AUDIO philes. 	  -->  	 The On-line Idiosyntactix Culture
				 Jammer's Encyclopedia of Trolls,
				 Hoaxes, Culture Jamming, Poetic
				 Terrorism, Media Hacks, Frauds,
				 Impostors, Spoofs, Counterfeits,
				 Fakes, Pranks, Scams, Extraordinary
				 Popular Delusions and the Madness of
                                 Crowds. 	  -->  	 Designed to be both a parody of
				 corporate conspiracy theory, as well
				 as, an enlightening twisted view of
				 the truth behind the new world order.

Much much more in the works....

Don't be afraid to say hi.


           Dmytri Kleiner <>