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<nettime> Lukacs and Everett- Report from NNC Hybridworkspaceforce

NNC investigates applications of progressive esthetical theory by Pentagon
 research. Drawn by a conjecture of a friend ( a migrant between scientific
 disciplins) NNC follows now traces leading to the theoretical principle of
 a world destroying weapon. This weapon is imaginable in the framework of
 Everetts approach to quantum theory - a physicist who published only one
 article in Rev. mod phys as a short version of his P.h.Diss. After his P.h.
 Diss he worked at the Pentagon. Now it seems plausible that Everetts
 Many-Words-Theory" was inspired by Georg Lukacs.

NNC's idea that Everett was placed by soviet agents in the heart of US-Power
 to misroute american research and development is doubtful, because of a new
 discovered report of Oskar Becker. Becker - a philosopher and historian of
 mathematics - saw already in the late twenties Lukacs' relation to
 epistemological questions of world-construction and -destruction. Lukacs
 believes that heroic acts are only possible in the context of an ideology
 supposing that one moment - the heroic act - is structurally connected with
 other events. In his Theory of novel"(1917) he gives a sketch of the
 history of a heroic form. NNC tries to understand better implications of
 esthetics, quantum theory and war technology. Special units Tan and Mona
 will be in charge. NNC will keep you informed on recent disoveries.

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