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<nettime> on the [cross the border] campaign

the [cross the border] campaign
support illegal refugees

How easy is it to cross the border between politics and party,
old and new media, art and action? And why is it getting harder
and harder for always more people to step over the high-armed
borders of western europe? Is there also a border of endurability
here in Germany in the face of the gotten common atmosphere of
violent racist outburst?

[cross the border] is an international project of artists and activists,

who want to look at these questions during a week of different
actions and activities in the former "Viehbank" in Munich.

The project [cross the border] got started last summer in the
"HybridWorkspace" at "documenta X". Now the empty rooms of "Viehbank"
temporarily get used as open room of events, exhibitions, partys and
workshops. In a temporary laboratory are shown movies and exhibitions
during the whole week and all around the clock. Every night there will
take place lectures, dicussions and partys.=20

Guests as pop-theoretician Diedrich Diederichsen, researcher on migration
Yann Moulier Boutang from Paris or media activist Geert Lovink from
Amsterdam as well as the autonomous "lupus-group" from Francfort are
invited to discussion-events. Afterwards well known DJs from Munich and
Hamburg serve the turntables. A permanent video-program links the
recitations, shows background material as well as spontaneous activities
in the city.=20

The daily growing photo-exhibitions and slide-shows, art- and audio-
installations, parties and performances are connected within the topic
"logic of one long line".=20

By a mailinglist and an www-interface the active participation is also
possible for people, who can't come to Munich. Further there will be
established a link to "la Maison des ensembles", a center of culture in
Paris, where parallel activities will take place. We will be connected
every evening by the aid of video conferences via "cu-seeme" from public

During the next days [cross the border] rented advertising-boards, among
them a poster at the "track 11" of munich main-station, designed by
artists from munich. At track 11 the trains from Italy and the
Orientexpress from Paris and Budapest arrive, as well as an advertising
board in the proximity of the ministry of interior affairs.=20

In restaurants in the whole city are laid out since today 10,000 postcards
with the current motive of the homepage of [cross the border].=20

[cross the border]  an open space project in Munich,
Viehbank, Zenettistrasse 19, is opened for each day from march 9th till
15th starting from 12:00 o'clock in the morning.,
phone: ++49/172/8910825

In the context of the campaign "no one is illegal " in all larger cities
of Germany there will take place meetings and and actions in order to
prepare two big events in summertime: <br>

- a summercamp from july 26th to august 2nd on the Polish-Czech-German
borderline under the working title "game without boundaries" and
- a caravan of asylum-seekers and illegalized people "for the rights of
refugees and migrants", who cross the german territory just before the
elections in the autumn.

Monday,  9th March 1998:

Diedrich Diederichsen: "Alien-Smuggling" - Considerations abou Science=20
Fiction, Diaspora, Multiculturalism. Diedrich Diederichsen was a longtime=
staff contributor to german music-magazines Sounds and Spex. Today he is=20
teaching at Merz Academy, Stuttgart and in Los Angeles. Last autumn he put
together the congress "Loving the Alien" at the Volksbuehne theater in=20
Music, played by Thomas Meinecke
Thomas Meinecke is playing with the Munich band FSK. He works as a music
journalist for Radio Zuendfunk. Also he is a poet (his last book ,"The=20
Church of J.F. Kennedy" was published in 1997). In connection to
Diederichsen's lecture, he will search his record collection for
fitting material.

Tuesday, 10th March 1998

Regional plenary meeting of the "no one is illegal" campaign. This
campaign got its start in the summer of 1997 at Documenta X in Kassel.
Since then the appeal "No one is illegal" was signed by more than 200
groups, organizations, and several thousand individuals. In all of the
bigger towns of Germany, local coordination bureaus exist. They organize
practical help for illegal refugees and initiate local activities: the
occupation of several churches at the moment in Cologne is an example of
their work, others are local coalitions against the planned extinction of
social security for tolerated migrants.=20

Wednesday, 11th March 1998

        8.00 pm Yann Moulier Boutang: "About the autonomy of migration"-
lecture and discussion with the parisian migration researcher. Moulier
Boutang is editor in chief of "Future ant=E9rieur" magazine and works for
the estate of Louis Althusser. Since the eighties, he has been researching
about questions of migration, parttime with Toni Negri. His main field of
study is the political economy of "illegal" migration.=20

         11 pm Electronic madness (including Brainput) Brainput is a
Munich DJ collective, that plays at the wheels of steel of Radio 94,5 fm
in Munich. Niel Mitra, Olaf Wirenstrand, Christian Pielmeyer and Volker
Rommel spin free form electronic records. Linda Muck and Lenz Schuster
show off their connections.=20

Thursday, 12th March 1998

          8 pm Geert Lovink: "Tactical Media" - a salon talk
with the media theoretician, from Amsterdam, hosted by Mogniss H.
Abdellah, filmmaker from Paris. Geert Lovink is well known as an=20
instrumental part of Amsterdam's "Agentur Bilwet" (Adilkno). Their recent=
book "Electronic Lonesomeness" just saw its translation into german.=20
Mogniss H. Abdellah is a founding member of the IMedia Agency of
Paris. This agency serves as a merger of filmmakers, photographers and
journalists, who are working in the field of migration.

         11 pm "Lion's Den Soundsystem" presents Dub and Wildstyle
Viehbank goes inna dancehall stylee. Noe Noack (author and
sportsreporter) and his fellow sounddoctor Albert Poeschl will present=20
their booming reggae soundsystem.=20

Friday, 13th March 1998
          7 pm Presentation of "caravan for the rights of refugees and=20
migrants" (upcoming summer 1998) by the human rights association of Bremen.=
A wide coalition of refugees and migrants from many different countries
will be calling for a caravan through numerous german cities right before t=
time of the german government elections in September of 1998. One of the=20
initiators will present their project and report the state of the=20

          9 pm Panel: Mogniss H. Abdellah and other guests from Paris=20
discuss connections of social struggles of the unemployed and with those of
illegal migrants. At the moment, several new social movements seem to=20
turn up in France at the same time. Our guests from Paris together with=20
viewers from the "La maison des Ensembles" videoconference will be=20
dealing with questions how the Novemberstrike of 1995, the struggles of=20
the Sans-Papiers, the recent unemployed strike wave and their=20
complications are brought together and need to be connected to each other.=
=0911 pm ,Ancient to the Future". DJs Thomas Baernthaler and Julian=20
Weber The musicjournalist Thomas Baernthaler (Loop mag) and the musician an=
journalist Julian Weber (plays in the Munich band Schwermut Forest) will
play great interplanetary dancemusic. There is a room in the House for

 Saturday, 14th March 1998

          2 pm ,How to come through"- a 45 minute Videomontage consisting=
of tv footage. This documentary features unsubtitled news-broadcastings=20
from several tv stations. The background is numerous sabotage attacks on th=
ISDN-telephonelines of Frankfurt International Airport. Unknown perpetrator=
protested thus against deportations of migrants and the so called=20
"Airportlaws". In 1996, all of the guests of the documentary premiere in=20
Frankfurt were arrested, which led to a policescandal without=20
consequences and also without comparisons in the recent history of german=
policescandals. Though the german supreme court attested no objection=20
against the documentary.=20

          7 pm Panel with a member of the "autonomous lupus-group" about=20
the history of radical antiracism in the old and new Federal Republic of=20
Germany. The "autonomous lupus-group" has been dealing with the field of=20
racism since the mid-eighties in magazine articles and book essays.=20
Titles like "History, racism and the boat" are established classics of=20
the german left-wing political literature canon.=20

         11 pm "Stowaways", party and slideshow by Marily Stroux,=20
Deejaying by "Sistars" and "Sugar Chicken" from Hamburg.  The=20
photographer Marily Stroux and nine DJs from Hamburg throw a party whose
motto is "stowaways".=20

Sunday, 15th March 1998
          1 pm "find&change/copy&paste/link&unlink"- Evaluation, Balance,=
Outlook, Save- and Cleaningwork.=20

25th July till 2nd August

The motto will be "Games without Frontiers", Cross the border will be
continued in a summercamp at the german-polish-czech three bordercountry.=

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