Vesna Manojlovic on Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:45:48 +0100 (MET)

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On 7th March, in Belgrade, on main square, sometimes called Republic
sometimes Liberty, "Center for Anti-war Action" and "Woman in black" 
organized protest stand against war in Kosovo. 
Less then 200 people were present. Mostly women, but also some men were
holding transparents with texts: "Stop war", "Albanians are our sisters"...
Woman in black had some leaflets (i will translate&send them soon), some
photo-reporters were there also..

I was there with about 30 other young people from Peace School - we just
came from Montenegro one day ago, and we were very concerned about new
violence that is taking place on Kosovo, and afraid that our efforts to
re-establish cooperation between our different countries and nations will
become even more difficult.

news from (03/08/98-1) 


The Union of Kosovo Women will join the dissenting
  chorus at noon on Sunday over last week's civilian
  deaths in the Drenica region. They announced their
  protest on Saturday which will also be held outside
  the U.S. Cultural Center. 


sad, tired, confused, worried

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