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<nettime> ethnic origin keys

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                       Afr        African
                       AfrAm      African-American
                       Amlnd      American Indian
                       Argn       Argentinean
                       Arm        Armenian
                       Austl      Australian
                       Aust       Austrian
                       Belg       Belgian
                       Braz       Brazilian
                       Brit       British
                       Bulg       Bulgarian
                       Camb       Cambodian
                       Can        Canadian
                       Canlnd     Canadian Indian
                       Chin       Chinese
                       ChinTaiw   Chinese Taiwanese
                       Colomb     Colombian
                       Croat      Croatian
                       Dan        Danish
                       Dut        Dutch
                       EstInd     East Indian
                       Eng        English
                       Eth        Ethiopian
                       Ecuadr     Ecuadorian
                       Filo       Filipino
                       Fin        Finnish
                       Flem       Flemish
                       Fm         French
                       FrCan      French Canadian
                       Ger        German
                       Grk        Greek
                       Guat       Guatemalan
                       Gyps       Gypsy
                       Haw        Hawaiian
                       Hisp       Hispanic
                       Hung       Hungarian
                       Indo       Indonesian
                       Iraq       Iraqi
                       Iran       Iranian
                       Irsh       Irish
                       Isrl       Israeli
                       Ital       Italian
                       Japn       Japanese
                       Jor        Jordanian
                       Keny       Kenyan
                       Kor        Korean
                       Leb        Lebanese
                       Lith       Lithuanian
                       Mex        Mexican
                       More       Moroccan
                       Nigerian   Nigerian
                       Nor        Norwegian
                       Pak        Pakistan
                       Peru       Peruvian
                       Prusn      Prussian
                       PRican     Puerto Rican
                       Rom        Romanian
                       Rus        Russian
                       Samn       Samoan
                       SauAr      Saudi
                       Scan       Scandinavian
                       Scotlrsh   Scotch-Irish
                       Scot       Scottish
                       Slav       Slavic (Slovene)
                       Span       Spanish
                       Swed       Swedish
                       Swiss      Swiss
                       Syr        Syrian
                       Thai       Thai
                       Turk       Turkish
                       Ukrn       Ukranian
                       Viet       Vietnamese
                       Welsh      Welsh
                       Yugo       Yugoslavian

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