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<nettime> adaweb and water on the moon

A few hours ago it was announced that some large concentrations of ice
were found on the moon. This was generally interpreted as a boost for
interest in opening a permanent moon colony. 
People who are likely to be sent to live on the moon will be chosen by
what is essentially a government agency. This relates a possible choosing
process to social axioms and attitudes. The chosen pioneering group will
represent, in a sense, social views as to what is (and is not) needed to
form a society.
Now, I am willing to bet any amount of money that unless great changes
will occur until such moon colony is established - it will not have a
single artist.
This is because the general social perception in Western societies is that
art practice is the jam on the social bread, art can be tolerated as long
as life feels fairly comfortable. As is illustrated with adaweb, when the
going gets a bit tough - tell your artists  its enough.   (This is
particularly peculiar and telling in the adaweb case because the group did
try to  play by the rules ...)
Pushing boundaries of the human condition, reflecting and creating with
and for our sociocultural environments, allowing expressive channels for
our imagination, creating new and evocative planes of perception and
conception - are some of the human needs which art can provide for. By
turning away from these kind of needs - societies either die or make
actions they learn to regret.

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