ANDREJ TISMA on Thu, 5 Mar 1998 09:19:30 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> Kosovo: short reply to all

Dear e-mail correspondents,

I am sorry I had to tell You about my concerns for the situation in
Kosovo, especially recently, but in fact it lasts already about 15 years
now. I didn't want to disturb You, just wanted my voice, and of many
people in Yugoslavia, be heard. I simply felt a need to react to last
events in Kosovo.

I really do not hate Albanians. You are right, we are living with them
in the same city, and they are totally free and living well in our town,
also in Begrade and everywhere I have seen them in Yugoslavia. And I am
happy for that. I just don't like Kosovo Liberation Army and its
terrorist activities. As I know the same opinion about KLA was given
recently by American, Austrian and German state authorities too. They
qualified KLA as TERRORISTS, not only me.  I am for peaceful solution
too, without bloodshed on any side.

Why not political issues on Nettime. Wasn't this net always a little bit
about politics, reporting about different demonstrations and protests?
Or You are against politics just in this case, when You have no
arguments for Your claims? For me reports of some American and CIA
influenced organizations and separatist media are not arguments.  And
why not Serbian view of things. Don't Serbs, the biggest population in
Balkans, have the right to tell once their view?

Thank You for Your generosity for giving me the right to have my own
opinion. I can assure You that this is opinion of millions of Yugoslav
citizens. And it also deserves to be heard, isn't it?

                            Best wishes and PEACE, Andrej

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