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Re: <nettime> Re: Concerned about terrorism in Kosovo

Aart wrote:

>OK Richard van den Brink,
>I've seen and read the report by Albanian secessionist magazine (all
>articles unsigned) which You have recommended to me.
>Well, first those photos. What do You think that Serbian four policemen
>who were killed by Kosova Liberation Army looked less massacred than
>these Albanians on photos?

No reason trying to outbid with other pictures or facts. What is
disquieting me is that the nettime list is used for an outspoken political
point of (Servian) view on the conflict in Kosovo. For me it's ok that this
kind of opinions are existing, but I don't need to read those on a list as
nettime. In the same way I wouldn't propagandize to read information on
certain sites I was recommending as a kind of counter balance. 

It would be possible to start a discussion about the Kosovo conflict here,
but I don't think its the propper place. Therefore I suggest - if I am
right - to modorate the list in a better way.


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