ANDREJ TISMA on Tue, 3 Mar 1998 21:44:34 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> Concerned about terrorism in Kosovo

We in Yugoslavia are very concerned about the increasing of terrorist
actions by so called "Kosovo Liberation Army", the paramilitary and
illegal terrorist organization of Albanian separatists in Kosovo, the
southern autonomous province of  Serbia. They are attacking and killing
state's policemen of Republic of Serbia, Serb civilians, even Albanians
who are loyal to their state. This organization is already on the scene
in last six months, but recently it intensified its activities, taking
control over  whole parts of Kosovo during the night, well armed and
supported by separatist Albanian parties from Kosovo and from abroad.
Last Saturday a grave incident happened, when the KLA attacked the
official police patrol near Glogovac in Kosovo, killed four policeman
and wounded other two. The rest of policeman opened fire in defense and
killed sixteen terrorists and arrested nine of them, finding a huge
amount of weapons with them.
After that Albanian separatist parties from Kosovo organized big
demonstrations  (about 10.000 participants) against "the terror of
Serbian police in Kosovo". Of course, police didn't allow these
demonstrations which are directly supporting separatists terrorism in
Now some leading European countries and USA are criticizing Serbian
Government for using power against demonstration in Kosovo, instead of
accusing separatists' terrorist activities, same as in Belfast, Corsica,
Basque, Texas...
We are worried about the support to Albanian separatism and terrorism in
Kosovo by these European states and USA, and we are afraid that Serbs
and Serbia will again be accused for "aggression", this time in its own
territory (Kosovo is still a part of Serbia).
We see it as involvement in inner affairs of our sovereign state,
especially because it goes about separatists' terrorism, and it is known
how should one state deal with terrorists and armed separatists on its

Andrej Tisma

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