Armin Medosch on Thu, 31 Jul 1997 15:04:10 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> Soros as media virus

I agree that the name Soros has become kind of a media 
virus. Now I donīt want to contribute to the "is soros 
good, is soros bad?" - discussion. I only want to 
report what I read in the Financial Times, Wednesday 
30th of July. 
There Mr.Soros is cited as "having problems with doing 
big investment in countries in which his charitable  
foundations are very active". 
But concerning Russia he has overcome this problem 
between himself as philantropist and as big player in 
the international investment business. Recently he 
invested 1 billion $ (dollars) in the 
russian telecommunications holding company Svyazinvest, 
which is controlling stakes in 88 regional telephone 
companies and in Rostelekom, the national long distance 
and international carrier. 
By this move Soros is now partner of Oneximbank, a 
russian banking empire, which is, together with a few 
other banks, running the russian privatisation business 
in a very oligarchist way (see the soon coming 
privatisation of Rosneft, the huge state oil company).
Mr. Soros certainly dislikes the Oligarchism of his new 
business partners but that didnīt stop him from 
becoming shareholder in their business.    
So what next? Will he buy himself into Russian national 
television? Or is that allready privatised and sold to 
Time Warner?

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