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<nettime> Re: background info on the Sans Papiers movement

Marc Chemillier, who was interviewed by Geert Lovink about the Sans
Papiers movement in Kassel, asked me to post this to nettime

> -------------------------pour nettime-----------------------
> In reply to Steven Carlson about the double interview Marc Chemillier (Sans
> Papiers) and Geert Lovink (Workspace):
> > I often need a little
> >introduction, a bit of background, in other words, some context.
> I'm very sorry for the lack of context. Let me say a few words to introduce
> myself and the  French "sans-papiers" movement.
> The "sans-papiers" movement began in France in march 1996, when 300 illegal
> African people (the so-called "sans-papiers") occupied the St. Ambroise
> Church in Paris to obtain regular documents from the French authorities.
> Ten of them went on hunger strike for fifty two days. They became famous
> when the security forces broke down the doors of the Church and forcibly
> evicted the 300 undocumented Africans. Many televisions were there at that
> time, and the images of the eviction have travelled all over the world.
> Since then, the movement has been using intensively all kinds of media to
> promote their struggle. The deleguees of the "sans-papiers" are equipied
> with cellular telephones. Several video films have been made ("La ballade
> des sans-papiers"). And the movement is active on the Internet, via a Web
> site (about 100 hits per day) and a mailing list (300 members). Part of the
> action on the Internet is to establish contacts with other groups fighting
> for migrants rights in other so-called "developed" countries.
> I am the Webmaster of the "sans-papiers" movement. I am teaching computer
> science at the University of Caen (Normandy). My  personal researches are
> devoted to computer music. For the last four years, I've been working on
> computer analysis of traditional music from Central African Republic. I did
> some fieldworks there. I met some good African friends. But French borders
> are nearly closed to African people today. That's the reason why I got
> involved into the "sans-papiers" movement. I created the "sans-papiers" Web
> site in july 1996.
> Marc Chemillier
> For more details, see the "sans-papiers" Web site (available in more than
> ten languages including english):

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