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<nettime> Nameserver Cache Contamination by Alternic is Irresponsible Practice

To All System Administrators:

I recommend that you restart all of your nameservers
to clear out their caches...

Alternic has cached bogus information
on your servers and others, rerouting to
and to
as well as causing failures to resolve other

I find this practice by Alternic IRRESPONSIBLE
as sets a negative example for the independent
NameService Providers.

Name.Space does not in any way support this
of any kind. disclaims any connection whatsoever to
"Alternic", "eDNS", or any of their affiliates, nor
does endorse any of the policies of the
aforementioned entities. is committed to RESPONSIBLE PRACTICE
in providing nameservice in the interests of the
international public and in keeping the toplevel
namespace in the public domain.


Paul Garrin

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