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<nettime> Call For Papers : 'Thinking Online'


T h i n k i n g  O n l i ne					       C A L L  F O R  P A P E R S 

'Thinking Online' is to be a compedium of Net criticism, positioning itself
(as Geert Lovink has put it) 'within the Net, inside the software and
wires'. Papers included in the collection will focus on divergent Net
protocols - Muds, Moos, the Web, IRC, virtual worlds and so forth - and
attempt to develop a theoretic, critical and/or aesthetic means of approach
to those protocols.

The purpose of the volume is twofold: to provide an exposition of new and
seminal online technologies, and to outline a series of potent critical
methodolgies for examining them. 'Thinking Online' is planned as an
accessible but in-depth resource, primarily for the academic community. 

Significant interest in this collection has been shown by a good academic
publisher, and the editorial team are now in the stage of submitting a
formal proposal.  For this we require ten solid abstracts, outlining plans
for papers of approximately 6,000 - 7,000 words. 

Abstracts emailed to the adress below before 5th August, 1997 will be
considered for inclusion within the proposal. Successful applicants will be
notified by email and will be comissioned to produce a complete paper.
Commission fees will be made available by the publishers for this project.

Jamie King, 
Thinking Online. 


T h i n k i n g  O n l i n e 		          t h i n k i n g _ o n l i ne @ j a
m i e . c o m 

'Net criticism... positions itself within the Net, inside the software and
wires...[It] tries to formulate criteria about the politics, aesthetics,
economics and architecture of multimedia and computer networks.'
					       Geert Lovink, Lecture at ICC Tokyo, 19.12.96. 

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